Online learning is gaining in popularity. Not only because of COVID-19 and Lockdown, e-learning offers people a convenient way to learn new skills. Are they better than formal learning institutions, such as face-to-face classrooms and lectures? The benefits of online courses are will amaze and inspire you.

How do you know which course is worth your buying? Which online learning platform offers legitimate courses and qualifications? How do you know if your industry recognises online learning coursework? Reading reviews, feedback, experiences, ratings, and opinions of online courses will give you the best information: real-world customers share their opinions. That’s why the value of reviews websites is increasing: they help buyers know which retailers (and learning platforms, for instance) can be trusted.

The digital world has opened us all to the wonders of the world. Our interest in subjects and matters have been so broadened that we can learn a language spoken by people half a world away – from the comfort of our living rooms. Is that the only benefit of online learning, the convenience of the learning venue? Not at all.

Online courses mean we can study anytime of the day or night, at any speed, and from anywhere that we have an Internet connection. We all learn at different speeds, life is sometimes unpredictable, and with online courses we can dip into the coursework whenever we have the time available. We’re not tied to a specific time frame, schedule or agenda: the coursework – and the course – are designed so that anyone can navigate their way through a syllabus. If you’ve missed a lecture and missed something while preparing for an exam? Re-watch a lecture.

Studying at a formal brick-and-mortar type institution is likely to set you thousands of Pounds per semester. An online course can cost you as little as a meal at your favourite restaurant or a bottle of wine. You’re not paying for accommodation, transport, high wages of lecturers, and the buildings’ rentals.

Flexibility: you will tailor the courses you want to study to learn more skills to improve your resume. Learn updated skills to further your career – and online courses offer you the opportunity to dive into a specialist field to excel at it.

We must also note it that online courses have also changed the way lecturers and teach present content. In the age of video recordings, lessons and lecturers are actually shorter losing no impact or effectiveness. It means that students can learn more in a shorter time frame – and retain that information for longer.

One of the most important benefits of online learning is that it has afforded many millions of people the opportunity to study a subject to improve themselves. The learning environment and structure of e-learning platforms is far less intimidating than those of traditional campuses and colleges. People suffering from anxiety disorders, for example, can now study from home and won’t feel uncomfortable in a class environment where they might need to speak in public and share their ideas and thoughts in a group setting.