Photography is one category of arts that is trendy and grows by the day with much more elaborative, detailed, exciting, and experimental discoveries. The much more appealing a photograph is the more it earns desire from interested persons hence the urge and need for photographers to be consistent in their innovations that are catchy and beautiful, 1fotograf is among companies that keep up with new trends and creatively comes up with its own to ensure that the artistic and trendy perspective is retained or achieved ultimately.

The most current trends include selfies, drones, 360 panorama, macro photography, polaroids, HDR photography, and the return of film retro-style photography, among others. These, however, don’t limit anyone from coming up with anything new regarding photography; it is a wholly free and accommodative area.

360 panorama.

This is one catchy and exciting trend that can be well achieved not only on Samsung gear 360 camera and LG’s but can also be achieved through the latest smart mobile phones. This generally covers the entire appearance of an image, makes it possible to view the image from all angles through VR Google; it makes the images appear very close to the viewer.


There are interesting and trendy selfies that professional photographers are coming up with, whereby unlike the recent selfie that would all appear so stagnated, here we are in an era where selfies can be used to tell a story through motion and almost without additional captions. The trend can be used to create awareness of something or educate the target audience. It is popular among celebrities and people from different demographics.

Drone photography.

Then there comes the drone that has made it possible to achieve shots that would be too expensive or locations impossible to reach, especially when dealing with physically impossible areas to access. Thanks to this discovery, this has made it possible. Drones are becoming the main focus of professional photography.  Radio-controlled cameras like the DJI Phantom 4 are used as enablers for the drone to achieve its technologically controlled duties. Regulations in your jurisdiction may limit the use of this technology.


This element adds a retrospective in photographs and primarily used to capture fashion and fine arts. Previously, it was used to obtain a motion picture precisely. Polaroid’s appear on Brooklyn Beckham’s campaign for Burberry and Maripol’s advertisement for SS16Boss, among many other big campaigns across the world.

HDR photography.

Often a time one would capture the image of the rising sun on their DSLR camera, but it wouldn’t appear as it does in reality. This is because the light would have palled the lens, causing brightness measured into stops. The human eye captures up to around 11 spots of light while the camera does only three. The beauty of the rising sun still be obtained by using a high dynamic range –HDR technique, but one has to be careful not to overdo. This technique employs more spots of lighting the image to imitate what we see with the human eye closely.