How much harder is it to make in Hollywood as a woman? Statisticians at St. Lawrence College have analyzed all ninety two Best Picture nominees dating back to 2006 to get a way Oscar diversity, finding that male leads had been onscreen an average of forty three percent of the time compared to just 22 p.c for his or her female counterparts.

The ranks of fascinating beneath-40 American actors have begun to look dangerously thin, now that DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix have crossed the boundary. After revealing the area’s first ever High one hundred Arab Celebrities list , Forbes Middle East cuts down the highest 10 Arab actors, utilizing the identical analysis methodology that was utilized in our celebrities’ record.

That the character who poses it’s performed by the same actress who portrays Bella in the Twilight films provides a bit of additional zing: Stewart, while beset by vampires and werewolves and other implausible creatures, should have requested it of herself a time or two.

SEXIEST POSITION: Still The Notebook, which seems him being all romantic and steadfast and robust-but-silent and kissy-in-the-rain. Besson now has a script and visuals he is confident in, and two younger actors for the lead time vacationers he loves, Dane DeHaan and Cara Delavingne, and so off he goes.

That is maybe another area where non-American actors, Brits especially, have a significant advantage. SEXIEST ROLE: For some, it’s going to always be ‘90s Leo, in Titanic and Romeo + Juliet. Real query: has there been a sexiest” list, anywhere in the world, since Thelma & Louise got here out that has not featured William Bradley Pitt someplace upon it?