What does your online dating profile photograph look like? You know the old saying, ‘first impressions are everything’. If this still holds true than you better be sure that your online dating picture is saying the right thing about you. Your photo can mean the difference between you getting dates versus not getting any dates. You should never underestimate the power of a photograph especially when that is all you have to gone on. When it comes to online dating, your picture has to be perfect. According to an article in Business Insider, how you set up your profile picture will determine how many matches you get and the quality of your matches. Are you seeing the relevance of your picture yet? Remember, when it comes to the pictures that you upload to your dating site, the more shots the better. Here are some tips that you should consider when putting together your dating profile. Try to crop into the photos so that you are the most prominent object in each of the photographs. Add a black boarder if need to in order to put the focus all on you. Aim for shots where you are in a relaxed state. You should also attempt to showcase a varied of poses. Don’t just have head shots but instead, show off your adventurous side by having photos of you doing something fun and exciting as well as you involved in your hobbies such as your love of dogs. Finally, keep your pictures crisp and clean. Be mindful of the types of photos you are putting up and the impression that someone will get or the conclusion they will draw based only on those pictures without even getting your side of the story.

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