Literally now, before our eyes, a real revolution is taking place, completely overturning the established concepts of Internet commerce. Cable channels and cinemas are far behind. Streaming companies come to the fore, which quickly, firmly gain the attention of the viewer audience, who loves to get acquainted with a variety of video content via the Internet. Already many people have thrown away TVs, or simply do not turn on. After the new branch has firmly entered our lives, we have the opportunity to watch TV shows for whole seasons, without waiting a week before the release of a new episode. Having thrown away the addiction to the TV program, we ourselves decide what and when to watch.

The creation of such a convenient nationalized service is not an easy task, because it is not enough to buy out a license to show a film product, you need to produce films and series yourself that can become the basis of that unique material that the viewer is actively paying for a subscription. However, against the backdrop of enormous competition, even the leading giants of the film industry – Apple and Disney – realized the need to create separate platforms with such unique content.Despite the complexity of the production and presentation of exclusive film material, which requires huge investments and a well-thought-out correct policy, streaming on has firmly entered the life of Russia. The first serious players have already appeared on the market, behind whom is their multimillion-dollar audience. The main feature of national subscription viewing services is access to terrestrial television channels, a variety of Russian-language material of all kinds of genre categories, and access to festival news. Each resource paves its own way to the hearts of fans: translating foreign hits, broadcasting films shot for television channels, which is a profitable, less risky business. But many video content services that have been on the market for a long time continue to actively invest in the creation of new films, serial products, trying an innovative approach to communication with the consumer, while combining elements of social networks, classic TV programs, TV shopping, and actively introducing digital technologies. Where watch online movies, tv series, cartoons, shows and anime? Visit our online streaming portal CinemaSaur, and choose your movie.